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See Math For Keeps at the We Are Girls Conference!

Math For Keeps is thrilled to once again be participating in Girls Empowerment Network’s “We Are Girls” Conference. In our workshop, How to Hack Your Brain and Body to De-stress Your Math Experience we’ll teach you how to transform defeating...
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When is a “C” Worse Than an “F”?

So you’ve just gotten your report card, or your latest test, and… you passed!!!!  Hooray!!  By the skin of your teeth, you passed. Now you never have to worry about that stuff again…right?  Wrong!  In math, that’s rarely the case.  Every layer of skills is setting you...
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What’s The Best Way To EMPOWER Students?

What things do you do with your student to help them feel empowered and confident? Comment below with your favorite way to celebrate your learner’s “big...
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How Is a Math Number Assessment Different?

This (non-) test will set your learner up for success in school this year. And it’s FREE! Is your learner ready to succeed in math this year?  Math For Keeps does free customized assessments to help you determine if they are ready to learn the new things they’ll...
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Back to School: 3 Habits for Making the Most of Learning This Year

This week we hear from resident practice-expert Emily Conway, Math For Keep’s own Student Intake Specialist!  It’s Back-to-School time and all across Austin pencils are being sharpened, backpacks are full of fresh, crisp school supplies, and parents are asking...
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