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Austin Chronicle Best Of MathHoly Quadratics! Look who just got named “Best Math Tutor for Musicians and Other Dreamers” in The Austin Chronicle Best Of!
Taylor-Made Tutoring- Keeping Math Weird

We are not conventional tutors. Often, when people are shopping for math tutoring, they might find more of a “homework helper”. This can be helpful in some instances. However, it is easy for a homework helper to inadvertently become a crutch for the student and might actually hinder students’ efforts toward independence and confidence in the subject.

That’s where WE come in.

Our specialty is breaking skills down into as small a bite-size nibble as possible and then teaching each one to mastery so that the big picture is clear when it all comes together.

We’ll be like your personal coach, gently but firmly encouraging the excelling math student in you to come on out– it’s in there, we promise! We don’t just sit by until you’re stuck and then hold your hand through the problem. We observe where you’re stuck, identify the *reasons* you’re stuck, and customize each and every lesson to ensure that these blocks are smoothed out the next time they come up in a problem. We like to call it a customized skill-building program … Taylor-Made! But that’s a mouthful. You can call it tutoring.

And here’s the best part: we make it painless! The more relaxed you are, the readier your brain is to take in new information. A comfortable, laid back atmosphere and caring teacher rounds out your Taylor-Made Tutoring experience so you don’t mind coming back for more!

Taylor-Made Tutoring offers one-on-one and small group tutoring and test preps for the following courses and tests:

Basic Math Pre-Algebra Algebra I
Algebra II Geometry Pre-Cal
Trig Calculus College Algebra
  • …don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us! We just might have an expert on staff.
Taylor-Made Tutoring 
offers tailor-made math instruction, 
from times tables to Calculus, 
to 4th graders to adults.


Don’t forget – we have a referral program! If you refer someone to Math for Keeps or Taylor-Made Tutoring we’ll give you $50 – and they’ll get a $50 credit on their account.